Best Time To Post On TikTok In Germany [2023]

TikTok is among the top-rated content creator application. It has around over one billion active users using the platform daily. The major reason behind the popularity of this platform is it allows users to create a video for around one minute, but most content creators only create a video for around 10 to 15 seconds because they want to make it short and sweet.

People can showcase their talent worldwide, and with the help of monetization features, they can earn a decent amount of money. If you are already making content and want to know the best time to post on TikTok in Germany, then you are at the right place. According to the different time zones of different regions, selecting a particular time to post videos is impossible.

However, with the help of some research, you will be able to for all your users. For instance, if you are making content in English, the chances are higher that your audience will be from various regions of the world. So, selecting the time to post according to the time zone of Germany will not only be enough for you to boost the visibility of your content.

Is there any Best Time to Post on TikTok in Germany?

The answer to this question can be yes or no. TikTok is best known for its algorithm, which serves their user the best content and personalized mix. In addition, this application’s user interface is completely integrated with the algorithm, so posting on a particular time will allow you to generate higher views and more user engagement.

The most basic timing you can use to post your content is when your users are most active. If some of your audience will already be scrolling this platform and you post your video at the same time, the chances are higher that you will get good quality engagement in your content.

Universal Time to Post TikTok in Germany

In an experiment, it is reported that after analyzing 50,000 to 60,000 posts in Germany. The best result came out on Monday at 8:00 AM. It is when you can get maximum engagement because, after the hectic schedule at the weekend, people start their day on Monday with enjoyment and use their mobile phones. TikTok is a great source of entertainment, so most probably; people use this app in the morning.

It will be a perfect time if you plan to post something only once a week. However, if you want to post videos on your TikTok daily, then the outcomes will be different, and you have to complete your research to know the best timing for different days.

Why does the Best Time to Post on TikTok in Germany Matter?

If you are already using the platform for a while, you have a rough idea about how the algorithm of TikTok works. The AI based program is completely integrated with the algorithm of this social media platform. For example, having a particular time or the best time to post might help you to increase your user engagement and boost the optimization of your video for a lot of organic traffic.

Below are a few reasons why it is necessary to post TikTok at a particular time.

1. It helps you to Increase your TikTok Engagement Rate

If you want to become famous on the social media platform, then you must post your content at the right time. It is the most common strategy used by every prominent content creator on every social media application, whether TikTok or Instagram. It will increase your engagement ratio and help your content drown in likes and comments.

2. Increase your Brand Engagement Online

One of the best things you can get by posting your content at a specific time is you will be able to increase your brand visibility. However, optimizing your video is one thing, but optimizing your video’s server is another. Whenever you post your content randomly, it will not optimize your video because the server might need to be fixed.

There are several HQs all around the world because TikTok is also one of the most used social media platforms. Every country must have a service center to handle such a huge audience on a platform. Posting the video at the right time when the server is getting optimized will make your video over the moon,

How to find the Right Time to Post on TikTok?

There is nothing complicated about finding the best time for your video. Finding insights into your account or video would be the best option to find the best timing.

1. Knowing about your Current Audience Location

The first thing you must do is find out about your audience’s location. Because it is one of the most important aspects before you select a good time. Different countries and regions have their own time zones, so timing must be crucial to select according to location. For instance, if your viewers are from the USA but you are from Germany, then you must only post your video early in the morning to match the timing of your viewers.

2. Check when your followers are most active

Posting a video when your audience is active can make a huge difference. So, check the insight to see what the most basic time when your viewers are active is. You can do this by going into the analytics section.

3. Experimenting with Time

One of the best things you can do is to conduct an experiment and record all the outcomes during your experiment. The timing where you get most of the likes, shares and comments would be your idle time. It is how you can select a good time for you.

Best Timing According to Different Days of the Week

Monday: According to research, Monday lies in the universal time of posting TikTok. So, the time should be around 8:00 AM because it is when people are most active for entertainment.

Tuesday: You can post from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM on Tuesday because it is a strong time for you to upload your content.

Wednesday: In the time of evening, around 6:00 PM, you should post your video

Thursday: Thursday is another evening-friendly day. You should post around 7:00 PM

Friday: You can post your content anytime after noon from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Saturday: The weekend is all about fun, so posting on Saturday won’t be a problem for you can post early morning or late at night.

Sunday: Sunday is also another fun day. Again, posting around 7:00 PM would be an ideal option for you.


This is everything you need to know about the best time to post on TikTok in Germany. TikTok is already well equipped with many tools that help people decide what would be the best time for them. For example, you can activate your pro account by going into settings to access the analytics tool. Above were the few best times for weekdays in Germany to post your content.

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