Universal Remote Codes for Sansui TV & Programming [2024]

While Sansui isn’t the premier Japanese brand known for its televisions, they’re still in the television business, to an extent, producing affordable 4K LED Smart TV models with decent picture and sound quality. If you own a Sansui TV, you know how great it is to enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and sports on a high-quality screen.

But what if you lose or damage your original remote control or want to use a single remote for all your devices? Don’t worry; whether you have a cable box, soundbar, or streaming device, you can control your Sansui TV and all other components of your home media center with a universal remote.

Our guide lists hundreds of universal remote codes for Sansui TV sorted by popular remote brands. We’ve also included detailed instructions to make it easy to program your universal remote and enjoy the convenience of having one remote for everything.

Read on until the end, and you’ll be able to switch channels, adjust volume, access menus, and do more on your Sansui TV with a universal remote.

GE Universal Remote Codes For Sansui TV

Universal Remote Codes For Sansui TV

General Electric makes handy universal remotes that can control up to eight IR electronic appliances, depending on the model. They’re compatible with many brands and models of TVs, DVD and Blu-ray players, sound systems, and more. Plus, they’re cheap and easy to set up.

One of the devices that you can control with a GE Universal Remote is your Sansui TV. However, you need to find the correct code for your TV model. The code is a four-digit number you enter using the number keys on your remote. Here’s a table of them:

Code List Version GE/Jasco Universal Remote Codes For Sansui TV
V1 0135, 0310, 0394
V2 / V4 5006, 5010, 5021, 5035, 5055, 5141, 5142, 5253, 5315, 5441, 5443
V3 / V5 / CL3 0211, 0371, 1631, 5551
CL4 5411, 0211, 1381, 2891, 5241, 5851, 5861, 5871, 6051, 6061, 6071, 1631, 5551
CL5 / CL6 2891, 5241, 5411, 1631, 0211, 1381, 5851, 5861, 5871, 6051, 6061, 6071, 5551

As for the code list versions, you can check which one your particular GE Universal Remote uses by looking at the printed information within its battery compartment. Apart from that, the programming process remains the same across the board, as we’ll show you now:

  • First, turn on your Sansui TV. Ensure your GE Universal Remote has fresh batteries.
  • Press and hold the remote’s SETUP or CODE SEARCH button until the red indicator light stays on.
  • Next, Press and release the TV button on your remote. The red indicator light will blink once.
  • Enter the remote code (starting with the first one on the list) using the number pad. The indicator light will turn off.
  • Aim your GE Universal Remote at your Sansui TV and press the POWER If the TV turns off, press the button to power it back on and test the other function buttons.

Assuming everything works as expected, you’ve found the right remote code for your Sansui TV. If your TV doesn’t power off or respond to specific functions, e.g., adjusting the volume, switching channels, and accessing menus, repeat the prior programming steps with the next remote codes on the table.

We also recommend checking out our guide to programming GE Universal Remote without codes for those interested. If you have an older GE remote that utilizes three-digit IR codes, try these out for Sansui TV:

  • 135, 136, 191, 310, 394

Philips Universal Remote Codes For Sansui TV

If you’ve recently bought a Philips Universal Remote, odds are it’s one of the models from Jasco, the same manufacturer for General Electric remotes. Examples include SRP9488C, SRP9253C, SRP3016S, SRP2024A, etc.

Once again, you should find the model number and code list version within the remote’s battery compartment. Provided you own a Philips-branded Jasco remote, check out the above section for remote codes for Sansui TV and programming instructions.

Some Philips Universal Remote models like the SRP1103, SRP2003, SRP3004, SRU5110, and SRU6207 use four-digit brand codes. Here’s how you set yours up to operate your Sansui TV:

  • Long-press the TV button for five seconds, then release it once the indicator light glows up.
    • If your remote has a SETUP button, press and hold it first, followed by the TV button.
  • Carefully enter 2468 (the four-digit brand code for Sansui TV) using the remote’s number keys.
  • Hold down the STANDBY/POWER button with the Philips remote pointed towards your TV. As soon as your TV turns off, release the button.
  • Power on your Sansui TV again and test all the other essential function buttons. When your TV wouldn’t respond to a particular button, long-press it. As soon as your remote sends the working command, release the button.
  • Save your programming by pressing the TV button on your Philips Universal Remote.

For those who own an older Philips remote, here are more four- and five-digit codes you can try to get it to operate your Sansui TV:

  Philips Universal Remote Codes For Sansui TV
4-Digit Codes 0115 0632 0041
5-Digit Codes 14760, 18924, 13700, 12457, 12109, 14156, 16317, 15551, 13811, 18557, 10565, 18655, 18753, 10663, 10764, 13950, 10027, 12919, 11008, 13248, 18826, 12767, 12669, 10508, 13001, 13925, 15526, 17921, 18133

RCA Universal Remote Codes For Sansui TV

Besides affordability, multi-device functionality, and reliability, one of the benefits of RCA Universal Remotes is that they have a sizeable database of codes for various television brands and models, including Sansui. Newer RCA remotes, such as the models RCR313BE, RCRN03BE, and RCRBB05BHE, use five-digit codes, as you can see below:

5-Digit RCA Universal Remote Codes For Sansui TV
10171, 10463, 11670, 11892, 13564, 11409, 13540, 14053, 13939, 13559, 11935

Here’s how you program your RCA Universal Remote for Sansui TV:

  • First, find and long-press the TV button on your remote. The POWER button/indicator light should light up and stay on.
  • While holding down the TV button, look up the code for Sansui TV above, then enter it using the number keys on your remote. The indicator LED will turn off after you enter the first digit.
  • Once you enter the fifth digit (with the TV button held down), the indicator light should glow up, meaning programming is successful.
    • If the indicator flashed four times and went off, you may have entered the wrong code or made a mistake. Go back to the first step and try another code from the list above.
  • Finally, release the TV button and test your remote with your Sansui TV. Ensure all the vital function buttons work as intended. If not, try another code from the list until you find one that works.

For older RCA-branded universal remotes, you’ll find more codes for Sansui TV below.

  RCA Universal Remote Codes For Sansui TV
4-Digit Codes 1191, 1208, 1247, 1282, 1284, 1290, 1045, 1052, 1086, 1090, 1020, 1054, 1133, 1145, 1167, 1230, 0463, 3540, 0171, 1892, 0706, 1670, 1326, 3564, 1935, 1409, 4053, 3939, 3559
3-Digit Codes 017, 029, 039, 056, 069, 191, 208, 282

Blackweb Universal Remote Codes For Sansui TV

If you’re looking for a universal remote to control your Sansui TV, you might want to consider the ones from Blackweb. Their remotes are compatible with most TVs, DVD players, Blu-ray players, cable boxes, home theater sound systems, and streaming devices. They also offer an intuitive setup process to program it with your Sansui TV using a code.

Below are four-digit programming codes for Sansui TV, which works across all three major code list variants the brand uses for its universal remotes. Press and hold the PROGRAM button for a few seconds, press the TV button, and enter the first code in the following table, after which your remote is ready to be tested with your Sansui TV.

Blackweb Universal Remote Codes For Sansui TV (PCL1 / PCL2 / PCL3)
2466, 2103, 0189, 1181, 2456, 2485, 2495, 2496, 2228, 2471, 4089, 4121, 4128, 3538, 4113, 4095, 4026

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One For All Universal Remote Codes For Sansui TV

One For All Universal Remotes, especially their Smart Control lineup, allows you to program and control up to eight media devices. It even has an IR-learning feature for devices that aren’t on the brand’s massive code library (335,000+ devices, 7,000+ brands) already. Plus, you can set up the remote via a mobile app over Bluetooth.

Even without the mobile app, programming One For All remotes is relatively simple. And given it supports Sansui TVs, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the MAGIC button until the remote’s LED indicator for the currently selected device blinks twice.
  • If your One For All remote isn’t already in TV mode, keep pressing the DEVICES or MODE button until the LED indicator for “TV” illuminates.
  • Check the table below and press the number keys corresponding to the four-digit code for Sansui TV. The indicator light should flash twice and turn off.
  • With the remote pointed at your Sansui TV, press POWER to see whether it powers off. If it does, turn your TV back on and test the other remote buttons.

With some codes, you may find that select functions aren’t working as they’re supposed to. In that case, repeat the programming steps with the remaining codes on the table.

  One For All Universal Remote Codes For Sansui TV
4-Digit Codes 0706, 0714, 0037, 1248, 2001, 1556, 1413, 1682, 2000, 1236, 1709, 1545, 1326, 2832, 0888, 0556, 1727, 1935, 0698, 1787, 0729, 0371, 0655, 1531, 2031, 0602, 0455, 1703, 0753, 1702, 0806
US Region Specific 1670, 1892, 3540, 3564, 1463, 4053, 3377, 4280, 3559, 0171, 1409, 4442
Codes for Streamer Models 23543, 35331, 14245, 24244, 22223, 21424, 21161, 22666, 16551, 15165, 14261, 11212

Miscellaneous Universal Remote Codes For Sansui TV

Remote Brand Universal Remote Codes For Sansui TV
ONN 1892, 3540, 1670, 1463, 4053, 3564, 4280, 3559
TiVo 1007, 1012, 1098, 1184, 1142, 1185, 1189, 1191, 1309, 1355, 1389
Hama 4-Digit


0301, 0051, 2391, 2791, 2551, 4731, 3811
5-Digit 75812, 53313, 54911, 54513

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Wrapping Up

That’s it for this expansive guide on universal remote codes for Sansui TV. We also hope you found our step-by-step programming instructions helpful and easy to follow. You should now be able to control your television effortlessly using any of the universal remotes we’ve covered in this guide. If you have any questions or feedback to provide, feel free to comment below!

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