How to Watch New Year’s Eve 2024 Ball Drop on LG Smart TV

The countdown to the New Year is almost here now. The year 2023 is almost finished with happiness and sorrow. However, the New Year is a ball drop a function adored by many people. It is one of the most famous functions hosted in New York City every new year.

It usually happens in the time square building, and this event has been held for more than 100 years. It attracts many people, and usually, people enjoy going to Times Square to enjoy the ball drop completely. The people outside of New York might wonder how to watch the New Year’s Eve 2024 ball drop on LG smart TV live. If you have LG smart TV, then you do not have to worry about watching such shows because you can easily stream them online on your smart TV.

What is the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Event?

It is a way of celebrating the New Year’s holiday, and people try to look different from everyone. Usually, people spend time watching movies with their family on New Year’s Eve so that they can start their next year with positivity and high energy. Since 1907 this event has been organised by local citizens of the United States of America. Thousands of people actively participate in such events, hoping that the upcoming year will bring a lot of joy and sorrow to everyone.

The ball drop event is also broadcast so that people from all around the world can watch them. Now you might be wondering what channel you should subscribe to for such events. Luckily there are several ways to witness this event, and with access to an Internet connection, you will be able to watch them live online on your LG TV.

How to Watch New Year’s Eve 2024 Ball Drop on LG Smart TV?

Watch New Year’s Eve 2023 Ball Drop on LG Smart TV

1. ABC Live

ABC Live

ABC live is a holiday TV channel where you can easily watch New Year’s Eve ball events. They have been hosting for the last 18 years featuring Ryan with his fellow Co-host member Jessie James Decker, Billy Porter, and Ciara. The show will be available at 8:00 PM because the ball drop event will also start at that moment.

One of the best things about the channel is that it has its own mobile application known as the ABC application. With the help of the screen mirroring feature, you will be able to cast your mobile phone screen on your TV and easily watch the whole event live. However, with the application, saved videos will keep you posted on the whole event whenever you want to watch it, so if you don’t have time to watch it live, you can also enjoy it later.

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2. CNN


CNN is another channel you can access with the help of a cable operator in your LG smart TV. The time of the live event would be the same, 8:00 PM, and the host of shows are Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen. So, they have been hosting the event live for around six years. Within only a few days, 2024 is about to come, and people are already excited about New Year plans.

You can also install the application on your mobile phone that is available for both platforms, whether you are using Android or iPhone. You can search for CNN’s official application even in your web browser. After that, you have to connect your mobile phone to your LG TV with the help of the screen-sharing option.

3. NBC


NBC, also known as the national broadcasting company Miley’s new year’s eve party, has been going live for around two years. It will air on the NBC channel at 10:30 PM, which is different from other channels. You can log in to their website,, on your TV with the help of a stock web browser.

Having a cable operator is another alternative you can use to watch this channel. Hundreds of different cable operators provide NBC channel subscribers. Cable operators do not cost you much, which can be an economical option.

4.  Nashville’s big bash on CBS

Nashville’s big bash year will also return after one year to celebrate with their entire music lover. It will be hosted on the official channel CBS. The show will continue at 8:00 PM, just like any other channel. The featuring Co-host will be Jamie Allen and Ellie king. They will be performing several live performances during the whole event.

Casting your smart TV screen with a laptop or mobile phone would be an ideal option for you. Specification of smart TV will enhance your watching experience with flawless surfing.

5. Hulu+


Taking premium OTT platforms such as Hulu will provide live ball events. It is an OTT platform which you can install with the help of a smart TV app store known as LG content store. However, it would cost you around $69.99 per month. It can be costly, but people who love watching these events have to pay to watch them live on their LG TV.

How to Watch ball Drop Event outside the USA?


The official USA channel would not be able to provide you with a live stream feature because you cannot access them with your mobile network. However, if you don’t want to miss the ball event, you have to use a virtual private network to stream the official application wherever you are in this world.

Make sure that he uses a high-quality VPN because a low-quality VPN would not provide you with enough speed to stream such a high-quality event. All the channels mentioned above are only available for people in the USA. Other countries’ servers are not integrated with these channels, so using a VPN is your only option.


It is everything you need to know about how to watch New Year’s Eve 2024 ball drop on LG TV. With the help of the above tricks, you can easily watch the whole event. If you are already a citizen of the USA, you will not face any difficulty because there are main official channels that provide you with live events. However, people outside of America have to suffer a little bit, and maybe they have to spend a decent amount to watch the show.

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