Can you wear Whoop on your Ankle?

Can Whoop Strap Be Worn on Ankle? To learn more about this, read the article. The Whoop 4.0 is a fantastic fitness tracker that monitors your health data and tracks your daily activities in real-time.

It provides accurate heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, skin temperature, sleep quality, and recovery score. It also lets users keep track of their active calorie burns, steps, heart rate variation, and other fascinating biometrics. Moreover, the Whoop sensor can collect data over a hundred times a minute.

The question many users ask after receiving their Whoop tracker for the first time is whether they can wear it on the ankle. After all, you’re supposed to wear it on your wrist as per the official instructions. It can be somewhat off-putting to wear a traditional watch and the Whoop Strap on the same hand.

Some athletes and fitness enthusiasts suggest wearing the Whoop on ankles as it’s more convenient than wearing it on the wrist. Others think it’s inconvenient, compromises the biometrics’ accuracy, and makes them look like a convict disobeying house arrest.

So once again, it begs the question – Can Whoop Strap be worn on ankle? Are there any alternatives? You’ll find the answers in this guide.

Can you wear Whoop on your Ankle?

Can you wear Whoop on your Ankle

According to Whoop’s official statement on Twitter in 2017, users should put the Strap on the wrist or the upper arm for the device to capture accurate measurements. Some users have repeatedly claimed that their Whoop provides similar results when wearing on the ankle regardless.

Upon a quick search on the Whoop subreddit and going through countless posts and comments related to this query, we decided to try it ourselves. After wearing Whoop Straps on the ankles for a week, we can confirm the validity of the claims. In our observation, the readings from the ankle were nearly identical to the wrist readings.

Perhaps Whoop doesn’t recommend wearing the tracker on the ankle because they probably don’t want to sell their wrist straps as ankle bands, which is understandable given that would count as misleading marketing.

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Where else can you wear your Whoop Strap?

Other than wrist and ankle, you may wear your Whoop on the upper arm or the bicep. Whoop sells optional accessories like the Any-Wear Arm Sleeve and Bicep Band on their official store. You can get them in your preferred sizes.

And with the launch of Whoop 4.0, they’ve also begun offering clothing gear that integrates with the hardware and provides users with more flexible placement options. It’s as easy as removing the bands from the Whoop tracker and inserting the device into the specific cut-out of the Whoop Body apparel.

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Related FAQs

1. Where should I wear my Whoop Strap?

If you have a Whoop Strap, we recommend placing it on the wrist, about an inch above your wrist bone, away from your hand. You can wear it on any arm as long the sensors are making proper contact with your skin. Alternatively, wear it on your ankle or bicep with the correct accessories.

2. Where should I wear my Whoop for best accuracy?

As we stated earlier, Whoop offers highly accurate biometrics regardless of where you decide to wear the tracker. Of course, placing it anywhere on the body other than Whoop’s official instructions will result in inaccurate health monitoring and fitness tracking.

3. Can I shower or swim while wearing the Whoop?

The Whoop 4.0 is IP68-certified, meaning it’s water-resistant at up 10 meters. However, the accessory you use with the device may not be water-resistant and can cause skin irritation when wet. For showering and swimming, we advise getting a silicone band for the Whoop tracker.

Final Words

We hope this guide has cleared your doubts about wearing the Whoop Strap on the ankle. With that said, wherever you decide to place your Whoop, please wear it properly so that it doesn’t come off during intense activities. Losing the tracker means you’ll have to pay a considerable sum for a replacement.

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