How to Fix Hisense Roku TV Blinking Red Light Issue?

Hisense television is always in high demand in the markets because of affordable pricing, and the TVs have excellent picture quality. Be that as it may, with its modest cost, it accompanies its own downsides. One of the most common issues with the Hisense Roku TV is the blinking red light, demonstrating an error in your television’s hardware or software. This article will guide you on how to fix Hisense Roku TV blinking red light issue in detail.

All TV models have their own unique features, and if your Hisense Roku TV is blinking red light and does not stop, it can become highly frustrating. The article covers all the practical solutions to fix the blinking red light issue on your Hisense Roku TV. Before you start wondering how to fix Hisense Roku TV blinking red light problem, it is essential to know that the red light indicates a hardware or software problem. Some of the causes include:

  • Older firmware
  • HDMI glitches or signal problems
  • Damaged cables or power supplies

A damaged power board or backlight array can also cause a red light to flash on your TV. The most common factor that causes this issue is software-related. As mentioned, outdated firmware can lead to a red light blinking that indicates problems related to compatibility or security.

This article will cover in-depth detail and provide all the step-by-step solutions to resolve this issue on your Roku TV. Before jumping into the solutions directly, let us discuss why your TV won’t turn when the red light blinks.

Why Won’t Your Hisense Roku TV Turn On When There Is Red Light Flashing?

Before we get to the fix Hisense Roku TV blinking red light part, let us discuss the main possible reasons that cause the red light flashing on your television. Below referenced are some of the reasons:

Poor Power Supply

If there is a fuse in your wiring system, then it can damage your TV’s circuit board. Receiving an electricity overload from your service provider can be one of the reasons why your television is not turning on. Insufficient supply of electricity is also one of the reasons. You must utilize a surge protector for dealing with such issues.

HDMI Glitches

Your game system or other gadgets can stop your television from turning on due to HDMI input. At the point when your game system is closed without changing the HDMI input source, it can also be the reason for causing this problem.

Wrong Source

Numerous people fail to plug the source into the system. You need to ensure that you don’t fail to plug the source into the system. These variables can explain why your Roku TV is not turning on. Now let us discuss some methods you can use to fix the Hisense Roku TV blinking red light.

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Different Ways to Fix Hisense Roku TV Blinking Red Light Issue

Hisense Roku TV Blinking Red Light

Below are the various solutions that you can utilize to fix Hisense Roku TV blinking red light problem:

Try Restarting Your Hisense Roku TV

Temporal software problems are the most common reason for the red light blinking problem in Hisense TV. There is a quick reboot method that can fix this issue. The steps for rebooting your Hisense Roku TV are as follows:

  • The first step is to press the power button and hold on until the TV is switched off.
  • Then turn off the Smart TV from the power outlet for a minute.
  • Once you finish the above steps, plug it back again.
  • After that, check if the issue still exists. If it does not fix it, your television has no software issues.

Analyze the Surge Protector and Outlet

Since fixing or replacing the power board, the television, or the power cord is expensive, you need to examine the wall outlet and surge protector. To do that, the steps are mentioned below:

  • Plug your Hisense television into a different electrical plug.
  • If the television turns on, you must fix your power outlet or bring a new surge protector. Assuming both are in good condition, you can try the next method.

Check for Shorted TV Components

The following method can be done utilizing a voltmeter and checking if there is a proper flow of electricity into your television. If the voltmeter indicates that the power flow is through the outlet but not through the cord, then your power cord needs to be replaced. Check your capacitors and LED backlights.

Check for Source Issues

Given below are the steps to check for source problems in your Hisense Roku TV:

  • Ensure that the source is turned on.
  • The next step is to see if there is a HDMI glitch. If you see a glitch, then disconnect the HDMI cord.
  • Switch off the Anynet+in settings.
  • If it does not work, you can also do a soft reset.

Soft Reset Your Hisense Roku TV

Follow the steps mentioned below to do soft resetting on your Hisense Roku TV:

  • Unplug every one of the connected gadgets.
  • Unplug the television from the electrical plug.
  • Hold the television’s power button for 30 seconds to empty any residual power out of the television.
  • Then, wait for approximately 15 minutes.
  • Power on the television and see whether the issue has been fixed.

Firmware Update

The method involves updating your Hisense Roku TV’s firmware. Having outdated firmware has a higher chance of getting your TV damaged in the future. Given below are the steps to check if your firmware is updated or not:

  • First, head off to your Hisense TV settings menu.
  • Then go to the About or Support section and select the system update option.

Firmware Update

  • Once selected, check for firmware upgrade.
  • Then click on the upgrade option.

Factory Reset Your Hisense Roku TV

Suppose all of the methods mentioned above do not fix Hisense Roku TV blinking red light issues on your television. In that case, the last option is to do a factory reset on your Hisense television. It is the best technique out of all. Once done it will remove all software issues and configurations on your Hisense TV.

The exact steps to factory reset on Hisense TV depend on your television model and manufacture year. It is advisable to look at the user manual for the up-to-date information. Given below are the steps to do a factory reset that only works for Hisense 2013 and older models:

  • Press the exit button from your television-supplied remote controller.
  • Then, wait 15 seconds to let factory service appear on your Hisense TV.
  • Then click on OK.
  • After that, switch off the TV and see if the problem still exists.

If your TV model is from 2014 or later, then do these steps:

  • Press the menu button on your supplied TV remote controller.
  • Then choose support and tap on enter. In some models, it is OK or select.
  • Navigate to the self-diagnosis and click enter.
  • Then, choose the reset option.
  • To make confirmation of your request, fill in your TV pin. Once done, check if the issue still exists.

However, if the television won’t turn on and the red light flashes, you might have to limit your troubleshooting methods. Check for insufficient power supply, HDMI glitches, and wrong sources. Utilize the tips we’ve examined above to fix it. At times, you need to reset your Hisense Roku TV. If none of the methods mentioned work for your TV, contact Hisense customer support to fix your issue.

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Whether you purchased your Hisense Smart TV because of its price or picture quality, the red blinking light shouldn’t restrict you from using it. You can utilize the above-mentioned solutions to fix Hisense Roku TV blinking red light problem.

Issues with the television are mostly connected to the television’s internal parts and hardware. Sometimes, a software issue can undoubtedly be settled without help from anyone else. Along these lines, before you take your Roku television to a repair service provider, try all the fixes above to check whether you can fix it all by yourself.

If the issue still exists, there’s no damage in repairing it from an expert and checking whether they can fix it for you. At times, the cost of fixing the TV is excessively high. In such circumstances, you can try buying another one.


What does the red light blink on Hisense Roku television mean?

The red light blinking shows your Hisense television has found a software or hardware error. Some common ones include outdated firmware, damaged power supply or cables.

Will I lose every one of my settings if I reset my Hisense Roku television?

If you face any issues on your Hisense TV, a factory reset should always be your last resort. Factory reset is only helpful if you want to fix a software-related problem. If the red light blinking is due to malfunctioning hardware, resetting will not do anything for you. Factory reset wipes out all your television’s custom preferences and settings.

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