Can I Use Peloton on Carpet Without Any Problems?

Most people put carpets on floors as it’s more comfortable to walk on. Carpet flooring is also as aesthetically pleasing as it protects the floor underneath. But what if you have a Peloton Bike or Tread? can you put a peloton on carpet without any problems?

The answer is yes; you can use your Peloton on carpet or a mat without issues. While your fitness equipment may slightly shift as you tread or pedal, its weight should mostly keep it in place. To learn more, you can continue reading till the end.

Should I use Peloton on Carpet?

Peloton on Carpet

can you put a peloton on carpet? Keeping your Peloton directly on the floor will increase the possibility of unwanted slipping, which can scratch the floor and also cause cosmetic damage to your Peloton. Hence, we generally recommend using a Peloton on the carpet. Even better, you could place a hard mat on top of the carpet flooring to reduce wobble and stabilize your Peloton Bike or Tread.

Neither a carpet nor a protective mat will create problems and only provide you with a few benefits. Not only does it decrease the chances of you slipping or falling off the Peloton, but it also keeps the machine mint.

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How to Stabilize Peloton on Carpet

You must make sure the Peloton’s feet touch the carpet on all sides, or else the machine will vibrate, increasing the risk of slipping. You can follow these tips to balance your Peloton Bike or Tread on the carpet and use it without any problem:

  • Locate the front and rear adjustable feet on the underside of your Peloton machine.
  • Check which feet aren’t properly leveled with the floor, then turn them clockwise or anti-clockwise accordingly.
  • Once you do that, ensure to turn the foot stabilizers tightly, double-checking that they all are touching the floor.

Benefits of using Peloton on Carpet

If you wish to have a trouble-free experience with your Peloton, the first step is to use it on a carpet. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

Additional Stability

Considering the substantial weight of a Peloton Bike or Tread, it should stay reasonably steady on the floor as your pedal or run. However, keeping it directly on the floor can increase the chances of slipping as there’s no friction between the Peloton’s underside and the floor. Hence, adding a carpet or mat provides the necessary friction for maintaining proper balance.

We suggest using a low-pile carpet (ones with shorter and denser fibers) to ensure the Peloton doesn’t move too much during your workout. It’ll keep the machine stable and eliminate unwanted skidding, as its rough surface will cause friction.

Noise reduction

Using Peloton on bare flooring causes intense vibrations, which in an apartment environment can cause headaches for your neighbors.

The best way to combat this is to use gym flooring mats made of a durable rubberized material, which absorbs most of the mechanical vibration and noise generated from the Peloton. Thus, your neighbors likely get a good night’s sleep while you pedal away to build an ideal physique.

Increased durability

Without a carpet or mat underneath, your Peloton may rock from its original position during your workouts and leave deep scratches on the floor. It also sometimes results in paint scraping off the machine.

Placing the Peloton on a carpet thus protects both the floor and the fitness equipment. An extra non-slippery mat below will also provide a steady surface for riding and reduce indentations on the ground.

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Absorb sweat and accidental spills

You’ll start noticing sweat stains on your floor, especially given you burn lots of fat when riding a Peloton Bike. Placing a carpet beneath will absorb your sweat drops and unintentional spills from the water bottle. A layer of a rubberized sheet over the carpet flooring will also protect it from moisture buildups.

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What’s the Best Mat for a Peloton?

You can get any gym mat or protective flooring for gym equipment from Amazon as long as it’s large enough to cover the area beneath your Peloton machine. However, if you’re looking for the best mat for your Peloton Bike, consider checking out the official Peloton Bike Mat on their online store. It’s 36” x 72” in dimension, covering the area underneath your stationary bike and adding stability to help prevent it from rocking.

For the Peloton Tread, check out the best mats we’ve picked from Amazon:

Final words

As we’ve explained above in detail, you can indeed use a Peloton on carpet without any problems. And with the added support of a mat, the carpet stabilizes the machine from rocking, dampens noise, and absorbs spills. And for fact, having carpet flooring underneath will only improve your riding experience.

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