What Is The Meaning Of Set ID On LG TV?

What is Set ID on LG TV and What is its Primary Motive? LG stands for life is good, or people also call them lucky Goldstar. It is a South Korean-based multinational company founded by Koo In – hwoi. They produce products such as mobile phones, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. So, it is among the top companies which people trust.

Set ID is mainly used on television related to the multi-commercial environment, most commonly in companies for offices. A set ID is necessary when a staff member needs to perform programming individually on TVs. If you want to know about “what is set id on LG TV”, then refer to the information below.

What is the Primary Purpose of Set ID?

A set ID is necessary if you want to control several products separately. This feature automatically assigns a unique set ID for the user when several products are interconnected displays. Apart from this, every product related to video would have its number of identifications with a unique set number.

Set ID Configuration LG TV

set id on LG TV

Every version of LG TV has its set ID interface. Suppose your TV is running on web OS 2.0 or web OS 3.0. You must press the smart button on your remote controller and select the setting option on your TV menu. After opening the options, you can see 5 to 6 features. First, you must select the set ID number; the range is only limited to 1 to 99.

If you are running a higher web OS, things will slightly change, and the latest user interface of your application will appear. You have to follow the same steps, but with the latest OS version, you will see options like auto-set ID reset set ID. The latest ways might come with a dark AMOLED theme in their user interface.

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How to Setup Set ID on LG TV?

To set up your set id, you need to know whether it is locked or not. Below is a step-by-step guide which will help you set it up without complications.

Step 1 – To check your set id, you need to go to the general menus with the help of your TV remote.

Step 2 – After accessing the menu, you will see options related to your Set id. Check if it is already in a working stage or if it is locked. 

Step 3 – If your Set id is in the working stage, you will be good to go to the next step, and if it is locked, then you have to scroll down and look for the activation button to activate the feature.

Step 4 – After activating your Set id, you must set your range. The range of devices lies between 1-99, and it is totally up to your preference. 

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This is all you need to know about “set id on LG TV.” Having an LG tv at your home or office, you might need to interconnect all the devices at a certain point. They are primarily connected for online video conferencing in the office or if a company is presenting a presentation in different rooms of the office. Set Id is the key to connecting devices around your house or office. 

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