How Do I Find Out What Fitbit I Have?

What Fitbit do I have? How do I know which Fitbit I have? The following guide will show you how to tell which fitbit you have. Since its inauguration in 2007, Fitbit has been at the top of the smart wearable market.

Their newest trackers and smartwatches offer a level of fit, finish, and functionality that other wearables simply can’t match. Fitbit’s self-contained ecosystem makes for the long-lasting longevity of these devices.

The ever-growing popularity of Fitbit has resulted in the launch of numerous models under different series throughout the years.

Thus, users find it hard to keep up with the releases and often forget which Fitbit model they currently own. Chances are you’re in the same ballpark, which explains your visit here.

Not to worry, we’ve prepared this guide to help you find out what Fitbit you have. Continue reading to learn more.

What Fitbit I Have Right Now?

What Fitbit Do I Have Right Now

How to tell what Fitbit i have? Without delving much into technical details, let us show you the easiest ways to find your Fitbit model:

  • Some Fitbit trackers also have their model number written on the back housing. Assuming you still got the original package, look for the model name on the box and search it on the web.
  • If you purchased your Fitbit online, visit the e-Commerce site (e.g., Amazon) you got it from, log into your account, and check your order history. You should be able to find the model name of your Fitbit device from there.

If you’re still very much in the dark about what Fitbit you have, perhaps go through the following workarounds below.

1. Check from the Fitbit App

Presuming your Fitbit is connected to your smartphone, you can effortlessly identify the exact model of your tracker via the official app.

  1. First, launch the Fitbit app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Tap your Profile icon on the upper-left corner of the app window.

In the following ‘Account’ screen, you should see your tracker linked to your Fitbit account with its model name (e.g., Versa, Sense, Luxe, Ionic).

If you wish to find the model number instead of the name, simply search “[Fitbit Device Name] Model Number” on your preferred search engine.

2. Check from Device Settings

The above solution works only when your Fitbit tracker and phone are connected. If it isn’t the case, perform the following steps to find your Fitbit model on the device itself.

  1. Wake your Fitbit watch and swipe to the left until you see the app menu.
  2. Next, tap the Settings icon among the grid of apps.
  3. Scroll down the Settings menu to find the “About…” option. Here, the option should present the model name.

To find the model number, visit the About menu and choose Regulatory info. You’ll see the model number at the top.

3. Take Advantage of Fast Pair (Android)

Suppose you’ve bought a used Fitbit or received it from someone recently without the original box, and it’s handed over to you with its settings reset to factory state.

It means you can’t use it until you connect it to your phone, as it’s a mandatory step to link the device to your Fitbit account and check for the latest software updates.

In that case, the Fitbit app will ask you to select the exact model to set up, which you won’t be able to find from the app or the device itself. However, as long as you own an Android device running Android 8.0 Oreo or above, you’re in luck.

Thanks to Google’s Fast Pair service, you can put your Fitbit tracker close to your Android phone and proceed through the initial setup wizard.

Assuming you have turned on Bluetooth on your phone, you should receive a prompt to start the setup process with the model name highlighted at the top.

Simply tap the “Set up” button, and your phone will auto-install the Fitbit app and open up the wizard.

Unfortunately, this process doesn’t apply to iPhone users as Fast Pair is an Android-exclusive feature.

4. Visit Fitbit’s Product Page

At this point, either of the above solutions should be enough for you to find out your Fitbit model name. But if you still can’t figure it out for some reason, the last thing to do is visit the official Fitbit Products page and match your tracker/smartwatch with the listed products.

That said, if your Fitbit isn’t displayed on the following site, it’s likely an older, discontinued model that Fitbit doesn’t officially sell anymore.

Another way to identify your Fitbit model is to use Google Lens or similar image recognition services.

What Fitbit I have: Conclusion

With the above-mentioned workarounds outlined in this guide, we hope you will be able to find out what Fitbit you have.

Ultimately, it isn’t that difficult to identify a Fitbit device without its original packaging or accessories, as long as you look closely and compare it with pictures of various models on the web.

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