How to Watch Sky Sports on Apple TV (Easy Guide)

The following article will show you how to watch Sky Sports on Apple TV.

Sky Sports is a group of British subscription sports channels that covers a diverse range of sports, such as football, cricket, golf, motorsports, tennis and more. Sky, one of the top three satellite pay-TV companies, operates it. Sky Sports is the premier sports brand in the United Kingdom and Ireland, alongside TNT Sports.

Sky Sports is very popular among sports fans, as it has exclusive rights to broadcast some of the most prestigious and exciting competitions, which include the Premier League, EFL Championship, Ryder Cup, the F1 World Championship, NFL, and more.

The network offers 11 dedicated sports channels, each focusing on a specific type of sport. It makes it simpler to find what you like, also bringing in more programmes to watch about your favourite sports events, including expert analysis, interviews, docuseries, and original shows.

Sky Sports is the ultimate destination for anyone wanting to experience the thrill of live sports action, catch up on the latest news from the sporting world, and enjoy high-quality documentaries. But how do you watch Sky Sports on Apple TV, and is that even possible? The answer is yes, and our guide will tell you how.

Watch Sky Sports on Apple TV via Sky Go

Sky Sports on Apple TV

Sky Go is a complimentary service that allows Sky TV subscribers to watch their favourite TV shows, movies, and sports events on their computer, phone, or tablet. It’s like taking your TV with you wherever you go. Chances are you’re already familiar with the app, but this may be the first time you hear that it’s also available for Apple TV.

That’s right– if you’re a Sky TV customer paying for the Sky Sports package, you can use the Sky Go app on your Apple TV 4K or HD box to stream the channels and catch up on the games and events you missed, alongside nearly everything your base subscription includes.

However, to watch Sky Sports on Apple TV via Sky Go, you must add the Sky Whole Home or Sky Q Multiscreen add-on to your Sky TV plan. It won’t work if you get access to Sky Go as part of your Sky Mobile connection.

Assuming you meet the following requirements, pick up the Siri Remote and follow these steps to get Sky Go on Apple TV (running tvOS 13 or later):

  • Head to the App Store from your Apple TV Home Screen.
  • Select the Search (magnifying glass) icon at the top navigation bar and enter “Sky Go” in the search field.
  • Pick the Sky Go app from the results. Once you’re on the app’s preview page, click the Get
    • You may need to verify your password to continue, provided you’ve set one up for App Store downloads/purchases on your Apple TV.

With the app installed, return to your Apple TV Home Screen, scroll down your apps grid, and select to launch Sky Go. At this point, all that’s left to do is log in with your existing Sky iD credentials. Simply enter your username and password in the respective fields using the Siri Remote and select Sign in.

Whether you have a Sky Q box or Sky Stream puck, the Sky Go interface on Apple TV should be very familiar. Navigate to TV Guide from the app’s homepage to access the Sky Sports channels included in your Sky TV package. Alternatively, scroll down to the “What’s on now” section and go to the Sports tab to see all the sporting events airing live.

While Sky Sports airs most of the Premier League, PGA Tour, international cricket, and, occasionally, Formula One races in 4K HDR, live-streaming on Sky Go is limited to Full HD. That’s even if you have an Apple TV 4K box and pay for Sky’s UHD & Dolby Atmos add-on.

Watch Sky Sports on Apple TV via NOW (For Cord-Cutters)

NOW, a Sky subsidiary, is a streaming TV service where you can enjoy Sky’s live and on-demand offerings. It’s like having Sky TV, except you can watch everything on your preferred selection of screens– without paying for a long-term contract.

You can pick from different memberships based on what you like to watch. Fortunately, sports is one of them. With the NOW Sports Membership, available in Month (recurring) and Day (one-off payment) flavours, you get streaming access to all 11 Sky Sports channels, which include:

●     Sky Sports Main Event ●     Sky Sports Premier League ●     Sky Sports Football
●     Sky Sports Cricket ●     Sky Sports Formula 1 ●     Sky Sports Racing
●     Sky Sports Golf ●     Sky Sports Arena ●     Sky Sports Action
●     Sky Sports Mix ●     Sky Sports News

Aside from watching your most anticipated sports events live, you can catch up on the ones you missed, plus over 1,300 hours of on-demand sports programming ranging from match highlights to original documentaries and features.

The NOW app is compatible with Apple TV 4K and Apple HD (4th Gen) boxes. All you have to do is download it from the App Store, open it, and follow the on-screen prompts to sign up for the Sports Membership, for which NOW will bill you through Apple.

Note you can also apply for the subscription directly from the NOW website (, which is a better option if planning to watch Sky Sports on other devices.

Once your NOW account with the Sports Membership is ready, simply log in with your details on the NOW Apple TV app. Navigate to the Sports tab from the top of the app’s Home page, and you should be able to access your desired game or event from the Live and Upcoming section, plus explore on-demand highlights and documentaries in the other categories.

The Sports Month Membership bundles a free trial of the NOW Boost add-on, meaning you can watch the Sky Sports channels in Full HD at a smooth 50 frames per second and with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio on your Apple TV. It also removes advertisements for on-demand sports content and ups the concurrent stream limit to three devices.

Without Boost, live and on-demand streaming is limited to 720p, a noticeable downgrade for those with a big-screen UHD television. You can add it back to your subscription plan for an extra £6/month.

Once again, NOW doesn’t offer Sky Sports streams in 4K or HDR. However, you still get access to the Sky Sports Red Button feeds.

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Wrapping Up

Whether you’re a Sky TV subscriber or a cord-cutter, you can watch Sky Sports on Apple TV without switching to your boring old set-top box, thanks to the Sky Go app and Sky’s flexible, contract-free streaming alternative, NOW.

Above, We’ve discussed both options in great detail, with step-by-step instructions to help you access and use them to enjoy your favourite sports content. If you have any questions or need further assistance, the comments section below is open for you.

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