Best Universal Remote for LG Smart TV [Reviews 2024]

Whether you want to watch cable or stream any OTT platform on your Smart TV, you require a high-quality universal remote controller for the best entertainment experience especially if you have an LG Smart TV. If you are looking for the best universal remote for LG Smart TV, then don’t worry. We will discuss the 8 best remotes for LG Smart televisions.

Having a powerful remote will always help you to enjoy it without any interruptions. All the remotes mentioned in the list are the best ones you will find in the market for LG Smart TVs. You can select any universal remotes you need and buy to control all your devices with a single remote.

Best Universal Remote for LG Smart TV

best universal remotes for LG Smart TV

With so many universal remotes introduced, every brand claims to have the number one universal remote controller. In any case, you have long chosen to buy a remote. All things considered; you must first research before purchasing any remote. Let us look into the best universal remote for LG Smart TV.

1. One For All Universal Remote Control

One For All Universal Remote Control

The number one controller on our list is One For All Universal Remote Control for LG TVs. The remote comes with an easy setup. The only thing you need to do is insert the batteries, and you can start utilizing it. It is compatible with every LG Smart TV model.

It has a learning feature and permits users to modify it per your needs. It has a Quick Setup Guide that is very useful and assists in having an overall best user experience. With its app shortcuts, it lets users have direct access to streaming platforms. It has 50 buttons with many features and requires 2AAA batteries that do not come with the remote.

Key Features

  • The remote comes with an easy setup.
  • It has a learning feature.
  • The remote has its own app with unique shortcuts.

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2. GE Universal Remote Control for LG TV

GE Universal Remote Control for LG TV

The second rank goes to GE Universal Remote Control for LG TV. It comes with multiple device controls from a single location. It can control up to 4 audio and video components. The controller is designed to handle all types of devices. This feature makes it a versatile remote for Smart TVs.

It has excellent library codes that make it compatible with all different brands. The remote is pre-programmed for all LG, Vizio, and Samsung Smart TVs. It has an extensive range of control options. It comes with a web-based online tutorial for setup that makes the whole process simple. You get the feature of master volume control and auto-scan technology.

Key Features

  • The remote has a master volume control feature.
  • It has an extensive code library for users.
  • It has the feature of multiple device support.

3. LG Magic Remote Control

LG Magic Remote Control

The third remote on our list of the best universal remotes for LG Smart TV is LG Magic Remote Control. The remote is built to work with selected LG TV models. The controller offers an extensive range of useful features that will definitely elevate your experience when it comes to entertainment.

The remote has hotkeys for OTT platforms. It is a very useful feature for couch potatoes and movie lovers. It offers quick access to streaming platforms. It supports Alexa and Google Assistant. You also have mouse pointer-like controls for a better viewing experience. It only works with a few selected models, so check it out before purchasing it.

Key Features

  • The remote comes with its own unique hotkeys.
  • It comes with voice integration.
  • The controller has intuitive controls.

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4. Philips Universal Remote Control

Philips Universal Remote Control

The next best universal remote for LG Smart TV is the Philips Universal Remote. Its many highlights make it a strong controller for handling LG Smart televisions. It accompanies a huge code library, and it can deal with more than one gadget.

It can deal with three video and sound components. It can handle cable, televisions, Blu-Ray, Roku boxes, streaming media players, soundbars, and receivers. The remote cannot control Fire TV, Roku, and RF streaming gadgets. The setup is simple, and it comes with an online instructional video. You get auto-scan technology and master volume control.

Key Features:

  • The remote comes with auto-scan technology.
  • It has master volume controls.
  • The remote can control multiple gadgets.

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5. EWO’S Universal Remote Control

EWO'S Universal Remote Control

EWO Universal Remote Control is another best remote controller for LG Smart TV. All users need to do is simply put in 2AAA batteries, and now you are ready to utilize the remote to control your devices. The remote eliminates the complicated setup process.

The responsive time of this controller is very fast. The remote silicone buttons give a soft touch, making it very convenient to control different gadgets. The controller is dust-resistant and tested with over 15,000 keystrokes to ensure the remote is durable. The controller is made with recyclable ABS material, which makes the remote control very environmentally friendly. You can control your devices up to 10 meters.

Key Features 

  • The remote has a very fast response to every command.
  • It has a long-distance accuracy.
  • The controller is easy to utilize.

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6. Rimous Universal Remote for LG TV

Rimous Universal Remote for LG TV

The next universal controller on the list is the Rimous Universal Remote for LG TVs. It is one of the most effective and hassle-free controllers for LG Smart televisions. The controller can be used for LG LCD, LED, 3D, OLED, WebOS, Plasma TV, and other models. The controller is one of the best choices for getting a replacement for various LG Smart TVs.

It covers a long transmission distance to control devices. The remote provides optimal performance, making it the best controller for LG Smart TVs. It has 2xAA batteries that come with the remote. It has a portable and ergonomic design that assists in getting a proper grip.

Key Features

  • The remote comes with a holder.
  • It is equipped with a chip that enables it to perform faster.
  • The controller has responsive buttons and also has the feature of wide compatibility.

7. Flipper Big Button Universal TV Remote

Flipper Big Button Universal TV Remote

The seventh rank goes to Flipper Big Button Universal TV Remote. The remote is specially built for senior citizens. The controller has tactile buttons that are large in size and also colour-coded. It also has the feature of programming 25 channels to minimize browsing limits to those specific channels.

Key Features

  • The remote comes with large-size buttons.
  • The remote is specially designed for senior residents.
  • Users can set up a maximum of 50 channels with this control.

8. OEM LG AN-MR18BA Magic Remote Control

OEM LG AN-MR18BA Magic Remote Control

The last universal remote on our list is the OEM LG AN-MR18BA Magic Remote Control. If you are an individual who would rather not control numerous gadgets simultaneously, this is the best remote for you. When comparing it with other controllers, you can get this remote at a reasonable cost. It is specially designed for LG Smart TVs.

This remote can be utilized for 66 different televisions, including LG Smart TVs. This is the best controller if you are searching for a replacement remote for your Smart TV.

Key Features

  • Users can control all streaming platforms with this remote with ease.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • The controller also has a voice mate.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Universal Remote for LG Smart TV

Choosing an appropriate remote for Smart televisions is tough because many universal remote controllers are introduced in the market. It is vital to consider specific factors before buying a universal remote control for LG Smart TVs. Below mentioned are the main factors that need to be considered before purchasing a universal remote:

Remote Brand

The controller brand is the first factor to consider before purchasing a universal remote for your LG Smart TV. It is suggested that you buy a remote from a renowned brand with a history of user satisfaction. Following this step is very crucial before purchasing a universal remote.

Customer Support

The following element that should be considered before buying a universal remote is that it should have client support. If you find any issue with the item, contact the support group and get your product fixed or replaced. You don’t need to stress over problems that might emerge in the future since you have client care support.

Ease of Use

The third factor on our list is the usability of the item. Purchase the one that is easy to utilize and requires no complicated setup process. It may be tough and frustrating for some individuals to handle a universal remote if it has a complex user interface.

Knowing Your Requirements

It is very important to know your needs before purchasing a universal remote. Before buying any controller, ensure it has all the essential features in a universal remote. Once you find the right item, you proceed with the buying process.


Those mentioned above are the best universal remotes for LG Smart TV. If you are searching for the best ones in the market for your Smart TV, follow the guide above. You can select any item listed above that fulfills your needs.

Every product mentioned in the list also includes links to purchase it online. Every one of the items has its own unique features and prices. Before deciding to purchase any universal remote, research before buying any product.

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