How to Watch NFL Network on Apple TV (2023)

Are you a football fanatic eagerly awaiting the latest touchdowns, game-changing plays, and nail-biting victories of the new NFL season? Look no further than the NFL Network, the official TV channel of the National Football League, and your gateway to all things football.

It’s the go-to destination for football enthusiasts, the one-stop shop for league-related content, airing preseason and select regular-season match-ups, especially the NFL International Series games. Off-season, the channel is home to the NFL Draft, Scouting Combine, and Training Camp coverage, plus college football telecasts, Senior Bowl, etc.

Between the live broadcasts, NFL Network offers 24/7 coverage of everything related to the sport, including highlights, in-depth analysis, and exclusive interviews to original studio programs like NFL GameDay, NFL Fantasy Live, NFL 360, Good Morning Football, and further NFL Films productions; this channel has it all.

Now, the big question is, how can you catch all this NFL Network goodness on your Apple TV? Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just tuning in for the excitement, you’re in luck because this guide will show you the best ways to watch the NFL Network on Apple TV, with unparalleled access to all the action on and off the field.

NFL Plus: Easiest Way to Get NFL Network on Apple TV

nfl network on apple tv

With the 2023 season, NFL+, the league’s official subscription video streaming service, has started offering live access to the NFL Network channel. Unlike the live streams of the local and national games, which are limited to viewing only on phones and tablets, surprisingly, NFL Network is accessible across all compatible connected TV devices, including Apple TV.

With the slightly more expensive NFL+ Premium plan, you can also catch NFL RedZone live on Apple TV, the channel renowned for its non-stop coverage of the Sunday afternoon football action and significance in the Fantasy Football realm.

Other than that, It’s also a solid streaming plan for those who want on-demand access to the full replay of every out-of-market, in-market, and primetime NFL match-up on the big screen, including Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, and Sunday Night Football during the regular season, plus condensed highlights and All-22 coaches films.

Between streaming the NFL Network and RedZone, NFL+ subscribers can stream from a wide range of the league’s original programming on demand, including the recent episodes from the channel’s studio shows, documentaries, features, etc.

The NFL Apple TV app is what opens the door to this immense wealth of football content. If you want to learn how to get NFL+ on Apple TV, check out our dedicated guide on the topic here.

Other Ways to Get NFL Network on Apple TV

Besides NFL+, Sling TV is a decent option for streaming the NFL Network on Apple TV. It’s one of the handful of American live TV streaming providers that’s also the most affordable. With its $40 monthly Sling Blue plan, you get about 40 channels, including the NFL Network and other popular networks like FS1, USA Network, TNT, etc.

Assuming you live within the handful of markets where Sling offers local channels, you might also get access to your local ABC, FOX, and NBC affiliates, which equals more professional football telecasts throughout the rest of the regular season. The slight drawback is if you also want ESPN, you’ll need to shell out extra for the combined Orange & Blue package.

However, if you’re willing to spend that much for a live TV plan, you’re better off going for something like Hulu + Live TV, FuboTV, or YouTube TV. They all include the NFL Network alongside every other channel broadcasting the NFL in the US with their base subscription package. That includes CBS, the only local channel absent from Sling TV.

Regardless of the streaming television plan you opt to proceed with, ensure the availability of the NFL Network and your other favorite football-airing TV channels by visiting the provider’s website from your phone or computer and entering your ZIP code first.

If you’re eager to learn more about these individual streaming services and looking for more gridiron action beyond what the NFL Network provides amidst the heat of the season, feel free to check out our ultimate guide to watching the NFL on Apple TV.

Enjoy NFL Network on Apple TV!

Whether you wish to tune in live to the marquee International Series regular-season games or the channel’s all-day football-centric programs, you can now do that by following the info provided in this guide to NFL Network on Apple TV.

It’s cheaper and more convenient than ever to access the league’s official premium sports channel thanks to the NFL+ subscription. But you can also go down the live TV streaming route and sign up for any of the above-mentioned providers carrying NFL Network and other essential football-broadcasting channels.

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